UK Companies a Job Scammer?

In this globalize world applying for a certain job is just one click away for the jobseekers. Thank you very much to the internet where jobseekers meet the employers in one website.  But you need to be very careful, not all job posting sites are reliable. Just this month I was looking for a job abroad probably in the UK or US and fortunately I was able to find that captured my interest. This site posted that Brunel Hotel LondonTesco Extra Supermarket London and  Virgo Home Improvements Limited were looking for hard-working people to work in their company. Because of the attractive offers like free accommodation in UK for one year and a free plane ticket from my country of residence to UK, I did not waste time. I immediately applied in these job posts and hoping that one of the employers will consider my application. Within 24 hours the Brunel Hotel LondonTesco Extra Supermarket London and  Virgo Home Improvements Limited sent an email asking me to answer their interview questions written in the message and sent it back to them in the next 24 hours. Failed to do so might cause for a refusal of my application. This is a big opportunity for me and I don’t want to lose it. So, I answered all the interview questions and sent it back to them according to their deadline. Their process was very quick; without letting the day pass they had already sent the form for application for employment in UK to my email address. This form asked for my real name, home address, phone number and other personal questions. Enthusiastically I filled up the application form for employment and sent it back to them, as usual. I received their response within 24 hours with the Agreement form attached in the email. The agreement form stated that upon signing all the form I agree to the terms and conditions of the company. Further stated in the form was I needed to pay £350(pounds) for the processing of my work permit and entry clearance in UK. _______________________________________________________________ Email sent by job scammer ↓. After answering the interview questions, they will quickly send the Application for Employment form that ask for your personal information. After you fill up the Application for Employment, they will quickly send the agreement letter together with the Agreement form attached in the email that asking you to sign it and sent it back to them immediately. The Agreement Form. I did not include all the messages sent by the job scammer to save space. All the the messages and the forms sent by the job scammer were in the same format and content. I was going to sign the form but my close friend from my previous work halted me to sign it. She told that this was a job scam. I’ll let her view the messages and the Agreement and Employment form as well. She was really convinced that this was fraudulent messages and certainly a jobs scam. I partly don’t believe to what she said but her statement gave me a call to do my research. I need to verify for myself if these companies Brunel Hotel LondonTesco Extra Supermarket London and  Virgo Home Improvements Limited were really looking for people outside in UK for employment. I visited their websites, got their email addresses and sent an email to them asking for confirmation if they are really looking for people outside in UK to work in their company. Fortunately, Brunel Hotel London and  Virgo Home Improvements Limited sent a reply confirming that they don’t hire people outside in UK and the shocking part their was Brunel Hotel London has no vacant position for employment. They also verified that the email addresses used by the job scammers is not connected to their company and should not be entertained. At this time I haven’t received yet the reply and statement of the Tesco Extra Supermarket London about this matter. Below were the replies of the real Brunel Hotel London and  Virgo Home Improvements Limited confirming that this is a job scam.


I cannot really believe that I was deluded temporarily by these greedy job scammers.  Thank you very much to my close friend who warned me about this job scam. Before I end this post I would like to give warning to all job seekers out there. You should be very careful about the tactical moves of these job scammers. If you are applying for a job abroad via internet make sure to do your research about the company, make sure that they really hire people outside in their country, make sure to go to their website, get their email address and don’t be shy to send any confirmation or clarification message. Lastly, make sure that the website where the job abroad posted was reliable. I don’t recommend this  site  anymore because this is the site where I found that job scam. I also found the job posting (Job scam) in these sites; I hope this will be very helpful. Good luck and take care! , , , . WARNING! A Fraudulent emails that offers a Job Scam; Name behind this job scam( For Fake Virgo):

Sir. Bryan Brook
Overseas Employment Department
115-117 Caledonia Street,Bradford, West Yorkshire,
BD4 7BJ.United Kingdom.

8 thoughts on “UK Companies a Job Scammer?

  1. I’m from Egypt, and happened to me everything that happened with you equally and without any difference, however unfortunately had sent the money, and then I found another application which Ererd Mona 210 pounds until the completion of a social insurance and so hence the start of doubt in and went to the embassy البريطانيا our in Egyptand found that the owner of this account impostor was erected on 1,900 people before I’m, but did not say only (God and yes Suffice agent)

    1. Im sad to hear that you really sent money to this scammer.
      But cyber crimes are very hard to trace. But im thankful
      that on latter part you or shall I say we figured out that the job
      offer was a scam. Thanks for viewing dude.

  2. The company was the subject of a letter bomb campaign lasting five months from August 2000 to February 2001 as a bomber calling himself “Sally” sent letter bombs to Tesco customers and demanded Clubcards modified to withdraw money from cash machines.

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