5 Things to remember while using Social Networking Sites


Social networking sites are Internet-based services where we can interact to our families, friends, strangers and meddlesome individuals. The services they provide includes sharing photos, messaging, marketing, etc. Facebook.com, the famous social networking site, has 1.44 billion active users as of March 31, 2015*. On the other hand, Twitter.com has 302 million users worldwide**. We cannot really deny the fact that Social Networking sites is now part of our daily life. While we enjoy using their services, let us not forget that using these sites can be a cause of danger to our private life. To avoid problems, I listed the top 5 things to remember while using Social Networking Sites. I hope this will help.

1. Make your profile settings highly private.

Your profile includes everything; Name, Age, School, Family, Employer, etc. If you want to retain your privacy, make sure to set your profile from public to private. This is the only way to avoid or giving information to meddlesome individuals.

2. Change your password every 3 months.

Sounds perturbing right? But changing your password every 3 months is the most advisable way to protect your account. Do not use your initials, birth-date, schools or any basic information in creating new password because these basic information can be a hint to people who want access in your account. Also never reuse your old passwords and create different password if you have more than one account or website.

3. Only click links from trusted sources.

We cannot avoid that people will send you a links via personal message to promote services, gain more site viewers, etc. But be very careful because there are people that will send you a links and after clicking that links you will be told to copy a certain code in your browser which will automatically send information to the hackers about your account. So only click links from people you trust most. Also use anti-virus or firewall to protect your computer if the links contain viruses.

4. Never share your Username and Password.

Make sure that you are the only person in the world who knows your username and password. Never share it to anyone even to your family or boyfriend/girlfriend.

5. Don’t share all your personal information.

Facebook is an internet-based service as well as the other social networking sites. If you share your personal information people around the world will know it. This will make you vulnerable and other people might use it to attack you, to threat you or let just say they can take it against you. They can also use your information to create false identity for their fraud and illegal activity.



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