The Holy Hell

1 Choosing a college or university right after graduation in high school is a tough task to do. There are lot of factors to consider like your capability to pay tuition, the quality of education you get, pressure from your parents, etc. Pero ano mang factors ang hinahanap mo sa isang kolehiyo/unibersidad the main point there is we want “CONVENIENCE”. Yes! You read it right. Convenience. But when I say Holy Cross of Davao College, Inc. forget about convenience and prepare to experience the most dreaded, exasperating and tragic  enrollment process in your entire college life. Unfortunately, I am now currently enrolled in this school having 3rd year irregular status. I just don’t know what drove me in to study in this college. Sa pananatili ko sa kolehiyong ito, I never experience convenience, let me just say that again, I never ever experience convenience (wohoo! that was relieving!) when it comes to their enrollment process. The factors why I can say this are the following:

  • Long queues in the finance and encoding area.
  • For most, it takes a maximum of 2-3 hours before you get enrolled (meron namang ibang estudyante na maaga nga natatapos pero sumisingit naman sa pila o kung hindi may mga kaibigan na mga Student Assistants).
  • When you reached the subject encoder, the subjects that you want to take are already closed. (Holy Shit!)
  • In adding/changing/dropping of subjects, students are not allowed to change/drop subjects without notice from the program head (What the Fuck!).
  • Bloody hell class schedule. Can you imagine I have 3 subjects for Tuesday and Thursday class where my first class starts at 12:30 PM-2:00 PM. Then my vacant time will start at 2:00-5:00 PM. My second class will start at 5:00-6:00 PM and another vacant again for an hour. Pew, what a waste of time, isn’t it? I requested to change my 12:30 PM-2:00 PM schedule because it conflicts to my working schedule but guess what I got from our program head? Sinabihan niya lang ako na kausapin ko kung sino man ang na-assign na instructor sa subject ko kung pwede pumasok ako sa evening class niya. How the hell she knew that this professor has evening schedule? Duhhh! Take note, nirequest ko ang pagchange of my schedule sa kasagsagan ng adding/changing/dropping of subjects and my reason was really valid. She could have signed my schedule form right away and put a note there that I want to change the time schedule. But she didn’t.
  • Rude student assistants(not all). Isa na lng kayo sa akin and you will get what you want.
  • Everywhere is a long queue from getting a registration form → program head approval → finance → encoding of subjects. (Haba ng pila. Ano ‘to NFA rice?)

The enrollment process for this SY 2015-2016 was the worst. No proper system was really noticeable. Take a look at the video below for you to see how tragic it was.

In the video, very obvious that there was no proper line-up system. That means that the security guards that showed in the video will randomly select students from the outside bars or fence or whatever you call it. After two hours sa paghihintay, tsaka pa sila nag issue ng priority number system. After a minute they recalled the priority numbers and issued another one for the reason that it was not valid (What the hell! Are you guys really sure with your job?). I guess it is the time for HCDC administration to fire these people. This tragic enrollment process is becoming a culture in HCDC. If I could only knew then this situation, I should have not enrolled in this college. Fuck their enrollment system.

I know that I am not the only student who experienced this tragic process. If you are one of them please do comment and share your awful experience.

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