Dear Mr. Coloradan

My name is Human (obviously not my real name, I just use the word to say that I can feel emotions too). I am working in a call center and to tell you frankly this job is so stressful because we need to wake up early dawn or engage in a graveyard shift to cater all calls coming from your country (of course that is United States and that’s where you are) for customer service concerns.

I understand that waiting on the phone for a long period can be frustrating, however it does not give you the rights to degrade, berate me or any other agents on the phone. Please stop getting rude because after all, we are paid to answer your call and find solution to your problem over the phone and not for your rudeness. Just last day, I received a call from you. You are very impatient and rude. You are located in the West (obviously, you can read that in the title too). When I answered your call, you interrupted me right away and said “You are from India. Aren’t you?” with a raising voice. I answered I am from the Philippines then you replied “I requested to be transferred here in the U.S support and not from the Grr!!! Ugh!!! (Isn’t that racist?) You didn’t even let me introduce myself. You discussed your problems right away. You then said that I don’t need to empathize because it is not genuine and that I am a robot. Come on! I am also a human and I understand your frustration, this and that. I was going to say “Sir! Sir! Please be calm so that we will be on tract here”, but I cant. Because there was no point in the conversation for me to say it and you don’t want me too.

I have this colleague sitting beside me and assisting other customers as well. You then said, who is that annoying woman in the background, would you please shut her up or do something, go somewhere quite. I told my colleague to control the volume of her voice then I went and hid under my desk to control the noise in the background, and I did that with all composure and respect to YOU. After all, you are still impatient and rude to the point that you wont follow my instructions to solve your problem. I am a technical support and been years working for this job, and after our troubleshooting, I recommended that the device you bought was incompatible with your home devices. You then shouted at me and then said something that would nearly caused a not-so-good argument between me and you. But good thing I was able to control myself. Then you hanged-up. After a couple of days, you replied to our survey via email and said that I was rude and unhelpful. That survey would cause a low performance rate for me. Did you ever think of that, Sir?!

Sir, if you are reading this, please read and understand (because it seems you lack understanding in your entire life).

1. All agents in a call center (that includes me) are existing to provide proper customer service and to find the best and fast way solution to all your problems. If you keep on getting impatient, rude and keeps on interrupting us, do you think we can be focus to our job? Good thing my tenure in this job help me to control my emotions.

2. When you buy a product, that means that you own the product and not the company. So don’t act like a king or whatever. If you are on queue then wait and be patient. We strictly implementing “first call- first serve basis”.

If you don’t want to wait on queue, if you don’t want to have a phone support that have a noisy background then create and build your own company. You can do that and in your company hire those real rude people so that you guys will get along.

3. All our time are precious, not just yours. You said you are in a hurry but you keep on talking unnecessary things that would hurt me and that consumed our time (You are not really thinking!).

4. Remember! Customer is always right is wrong (This is well explained and no need for elaboration).

For the final note, sir please be calm. Life is too short to be impatient and problematic (I was drinking my coffee when I wrote this :-)). Cheers!

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